Anastasia – Getting Better Everyday

This week we would like to feature the exploits of 15 yr. old sophomore swimmer, “Anastasia Davis” from Lakewood High School. “Stasia”, as she is known to her family, has been swimming since age 3. Her mother was a swimmer, so it was only natural that one of her three siblings – all athletes in their own right, follow in her footsteps. Anastasia first trained in Martial Arts and Ballet, then made the swim team in 5th grade – at the urging of her mom to compete. Having done well each time she felt this was her calling.

This young athlete is 5’8’’ tall and built like a swimmer – long and lean, with outstanding work ethic. Anastasia trains four days a week and swims the 500 and 200 freestyle at a brisk pace. The 500 takes a great deal of endurance and power, the 200 combines both speed and strength. She does both equally well, having brought down her times with each ensuing event. With her size I asked why she doesn’t swim the breaststroke or butterfly, “I can’t swim breast stroke to save my life and good butter-flyers are rare, it’s a hard stroke to master.” Then, with a twinkle in her eye she stated, “but I can freestyle.”

Anastasia’s father commented, “my daughter has a great deal of discipline, sports develops good work ethic.“ He should know, Zack is a black belt in martial arts, as is his wife “April” and their other two children. Hard work comes natural to this family and it shows – all the kids carry outstanding GPAs in school.

I asked April how she felt about her daughter’s success. “I’m so proud of her! She has kept her grades up during swimming; not just passing to stay on the team, but at honors level GPA. While she was in Middle school she had three friends. In the summer swim club she had a few more, but she really blossomed and came out of her shell when she joined the High school swim team. Now she has a wide range of friends – not all jock swimmers either.”

When asked about her future Anastasia quietly stated, “I would like to earn a scholarship to college and maybe…the 2020 Olympic Team.”