Our Mission

The Mission of USA 4kidzsports is to support the efforts of all kids, helping them advance their lives through their faith and participation in sports, music, the arts, academics, and leadership training. This goal will be accomplished through the efforts of the 4kidzsports Marketing Group in partnership with local business, and the generosity of individuals like yourself.

4kidzsports serves Colorado Communities through:

The benefits of sports for kids is overwhelming:

  • Playing sports is fun. It gives your child something to do and a group to belong to.
  • Kids who play sports, especially girls, are more likely to have a positive body image and higher self-esteem.
  • Kids involved in sports are less likely to take drugs or smoke because they realize the impact that these destructive activities can have upon their performance. Girls who play sports are also less likely to become pregnant.
  • Physical activities are a good way to relieve stress and reduce depression.
  • Sports help kids develop discipline.
  • Kids who play sports learn to deal with disappointment and go on.
  • Kids who are involved in sports while in high school are more likely to experience academic success and graduate from high school.
  • Sports help develop teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Regular exercise increases quality of life. Children who exercise are more likely to continue the practice into adulthood.

Chip in 4Kidz, Chip in 4Vets

Celebrity Golf Tournament

Please join us for our 8th Annual “Chip in 4Kidz, Chip in 4Vets” Celebrity Golf Outing at the Arrowhead Golf Course Thursday, June 29th.

Thank you for your support

Click above to see photos of the event from 2023!