Centennial 7K Skating Club

I was recently introduced to CSI (Colorado Springs Invitational) hosted by the Centennial 7K Skating Club and held at the Monument Ice Rink September 13-18. This great event supports youth in our community and gives adults of all ages an opportunity to compete. The competition offered technical as well as theatrical skating events for not only beginning skaters, but also the more competitive elite skaters of this great sport.

Lisa Landon, competitive chair board member for the Centennial Skating Club, stated: “We have 3 full days of events where skaters can compete in specialty technical events such as jumps, spins and compulsories to the same free skate and short program events that you might see on TV. We also offer theatrical events where the focus is on presenting a story on the ice and the skaters/teams are judged on their ability to interpret the music and the character they have chosen for their program. This allows skaters to really shine in the realm of theatrical performing”!

“Our event is also part of the Rocky Mountain State Games as the official figure skating event that will allow our skaters who place 1st through 3rd in any event to compete and participate in the National event – State Games of America. This national event is held every 2 years and you must qualify from an official State Games event in order to compete.”

Centennial 7k Skating Club is a non-profit organization that is committed to promoting and encouraging full participation in the sport of figure skating in all of its forms: free skating, ice dancing, synchronized team skating, and theatrical skating by persons of all ages in the Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding areas. They are a
Family oriented club that encourages and supports both skating and educational activities, while encouraging volunteerism in their club as well as other charitable organizations they partner with – Christmas Unlimited and Care & Share.

I asked Lisa what age groups they work with. “Our youngest member is 5 and our oldest member is over 70! Our club loves the diversity of our age ranges from the skaters who are just learning what ice skating is all about to our lively group of adult skaters who enjoy continuing their learning and achievement in the sport as well as in the competition realm. There are events around the country that cater to the Adult skating population who are over the age of 21. Last year, at the 2018 U.S. Adult Championships, our skaters amassed enough points to win the Small Club Team Award”!

I have had an opportunity to watch these kids in action, to see the dedication and smiles on their little faces as they practice. What a great bunch of kids, what a great staff, what a great program. Come out to the rink sometime and watch these kids train; it will warm your heart. Kudos to the Centennial 7K Skating Club and their commitment to excellence in our community!