Fall Colors

One of my hobbies is photography; I love looking at the beautiful photos the great professionals have taken, especially the incredible scenery Colorado has to offer. I have yearned to find out what one of the most photographed places on earth, “the Maroon Bells”, looks like up close.

Last year my daughter-in-laws” father, a prominent physician in Brazil and an avid photographer, came over with his family to visit their only daughter. I couldn’t help but notice that he takes picture of “everything” – really good pictures. I mentioned the Maroon Bells; he and I agreed, that’s where we go would go next year. So, we packed up the family and headed out to Twin Lakes, up Independence pass, and into Snowmass Village outside Aspen to catch a shuttle up the Maroon Bells. The views were breath-taking.

After getting off the bus I began walking toward the lake – the Maroon Bells in the background. I couldn’t help but look up and thank God for his beautiful creations. The colors were gorgeous! Needless to say my shutter was on fire. Everywhere I turned the yellows and oranges blended into green and blue Spruces, below the mountains peaks – Breathtaking.
As a photographer lighting is very important; shadows, contrast, time of day, placement of the sun. On the way back to the bus I asked the Park Ranger what it was like when the sun came up? She pointed and said, “At six in the morning photographers line up on the East side of the lake and wait for the sun to rise, which turns the peaks a beautiful gold.” Just what I thought, this is what I was missing.

So next year I will head up to the Maroon Bells at 4:00AM and get the shot of a lifetime. Please join me, the view is simply AWESOME!