Top Resources for Parents Raising Kids Through Every Age

Parenting brings countless questions. As your children get older, you feel like you have to learn what to do all over again. But while you’ll never have it all figured out, teaching tools (like those outlined below) can help you along the way. We’ve curated a collection of resources for parents with advice on raising kids at every age.

The Toddler Years

The toddler years can be challenging – but they can also be a lot of fun! These resources will make it a bit easier.

    Teaching your toddler to share can be tough! Try these tips to gently encourage sharing.
    Set a good example to help your toddler develop a sense of patience.
    This is a great time to start practicing basic manners!
    Keep yourself comfortable and calm with some light-compression leggings or a loose-fitting T-shirt.

Supporting School-Age Children

Your school-age child is exploring their own identity and personality. Here’s how to help them shine.

    Reading to your child about life lessons gives you a way to pass on wisdom.
    At this age, aim to encourage your child’s creativity as they explore their own unique interests.
    If your child is having trouble making friends in school, this guide is packed with valuable tips.

Teaching Your Teen

Navigating the teenage years with your child can be confusing, but cultivating a good relationship with your teen will set them up for adulthood.

    Before your teen heads out on their own, you’ll want to teach them about personal finance.
    If your teen comes to you for advice on a tough decision, use it as a learning opportunity to discuss making good choices.
    Teach your children to thrive when challenged and view failure as a springboard to growth.
    Your teen will likely face some obstacles, so talk to them about determination and perseverance.

As your child grows up, they will gain more independence – but they will need you as a parent. Your relationship with your child will change throughout your lives, yet you will still share a special bond. Although parenting is full of challenges, you can always reference resources like these for guidance.

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Article by: Jenny Miller