Fundraising Blitz for Colorado residence – $28,700 in Valuable Coupons

10 Nov 2016
Michael Sherman
 Please join our drive to raise money for "kids in need" in the Colorado area. 

1. Install/Download the Qtera free preview app to your phone (Apple or Playstore).
2. Enter Zip Code, email & password then click "Booklets" at top of screen.
3. Click "Pick Organization" - "4kidzsports"
4. Click green arrow & green Purchase button.
5. Enter credit card information securely, add your Team Name in Referral Code box
6. Click "My Booklets" - "4kidzsports"
7. Click "See Coupons" - "Booklets" for immediate access to your Premium App Membership
   with thousands of dollars in Colorado Savings! 

Thank you for supporting 4kidzsports



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